The nut, also known as a nut, is a fastener with a driv […]

The nut, also known as a nut, is a fastener with a drive system and internal threads that is designed to be combined with externally threaded fasteners to secure the fitting, depending on its condition and function, and is designed differently on the opposite side or shape. classification. Commonly used are hex nut, hexagonal rim nut, hexagonal high strength nut, square nut, nylon nut, bag cap nut, combination huasi nut, castle groove nut, tire nut, welding Nuts, connecting nuts, etc.
The hex nut is used in conjunction with screws, bolts, and screws to connect the fastening mechanism. Among them, the type 1 six-purpose nut is the most widely used. The C-class nut is used for machines, equipment or structures with rough surface and low precision; Class A and B grade nuts are used for smooth surface and high precision. Machine, equipment or structure. The thickness of the type 2 hex nut is thicker, and it is often used in applications where it is often necessary to assemble and disassemble. The thickness M of the hexagonal thin nut is thinner and is often used when the surface space of the connected member is limited.