Custom Steel Masonry Concrete Screw Anchor


The Custom Steel Masonry Concrete Screw Anchor is an id […]

The Custom Steel Masonry Concrete Screw Anchor is an ideal anchoring solution for various base materials. Its fully removable shank provides wedging action, and the seismically approved design is an excellent choice for close-to-edge applications. In addition, the installation tool kit contains a bit designed to reduce overtightening. This screw anchor has a notch high-low thread that cuts into masonry for greater stability.

A Screw is an innovative screw anchor with a unique thread design and a diameter that allows maximum pullout with minimum embedment. It is recommended for masonry applications where a depth of only 3/4" is required. However, you can order as many as 100 of these screw anchors and you will only need about ten feet of concrete. In that case, you should consider ordering an extra forty-foot length to avoid over-embedding your building.

The Concrete Screw Anchor was designed to have better pull-out values when embedded into concrete. They replace sheet metal screws and plastic anchors. They eliminate the need for two-piece anchoring. The screw is made of heat-treated carbon steel, zinc-plated, and yellow dichromate-plated. Its strength and durability is unmatched by any other concrete screw anchor. These anchors are available at wholesale pricing and in many sizes.

For concrete screw anchors, Hilti offers a wide range of options. You can purchase a bare metal or stainless steel concrete screw in bulk from a trusted vendor. Choosing the right concrete screw anchor depends on the application, and the type of anchor you want. If your project requires masonry screw anchors, the will be the most effective choice for your project. This custom-made cement masonry screw anchors are easy to install and are a great choice for a variety of masonry and wood-to-concrete applications.

The Screw is made of heat-treated carbon steel and features a tapered shank to provide superior wedging and pulling strength. Designed for wood-to-concrete applications, the is the ideal choice for concrete screw anchors. The screw is a durable, long-lasting anchor that will withstand many years of use. You can use it in concrete and masonry applications by using the screw.

The Screw is the most durable and effective concrete screw anchor. The 410 stainless steel screw provides added rust resistance and can be used in wood-to-concrete applications. The Screw is a versatile tool that can be used in any masonry project. Its notched high-low threads and a tapered shank make it ideal for close-to-edge applications.