Learn some common problems in the maintenance of stationery riveting machines


1. Do not process work beyond the standard of the stand […]

1. Do not process work beyond the standard of the standard
2. Do not work under high pressure for a long time.
3. The length of the rivet head should not exceed the regulations.
4. Hydraulic oil should be replaced after one year of use.
5. Radial equipment should be lubricated frequently.
6. If you encounter an abnormality, immediately stop the vehicle for maintenance and repair.
7. The mounting and dismounting of the rivet head should be slow, especially when removing the rivet head. Do not use brute force to pull out. Rotate the rivet head and pull it out slowly.
If the rivet seat of the rivet is pulled out of the normal position, there will be a significant deviation in the position of the rivet after the rivet is installed. At this time, the red safety cover should be removed, and the rivet can be used only after it is installed, otherwise the machine is easily damaged. .
8. The guide rail of the equipment should be greased once a month to make it lubricate and rust-proof.
9. The use of the rivet head will cause slight adhesion when processing certain materials. In order to ensure the quality of the riveting, the rivet head should be cleaned regularly to prevent the metal bond from thickening. The rivet head is fixed to the chuck of the lathe during cleaning and then polished with sandpaper.