Is the stop screw a set screw? How to use the stop screw


You may not be very familiar with lifting the stop scre […]

You may not be very familiar with lifting the stop screw. In fact, it has a variety of names. If it is named from the shape and function, it is called a machine screw and a headless screw. Its English expression is set screw. It is a kind of screw used to fix the relative position of the parts. It is classified according to the groove type. It can have hexagon socket set screws, torx set screws, slot set screws and square head set screws without groove type. etc., the optional materials are stainless steel, iron, brass, aluminum, titanium, etc.

Features of stop screw

A set screw, which has a parallel first end face and a second end face, and has a thread segment between the first end face and the second end face, and radially extends two parallel grooves in the direction of the first end facing the second end face Wall, the connection between the two groove walls - the Custom Steel Screw Anchor groove bottom, by which a radial groove is defined by the groove wall and the groove bottom; it is characterized in that: the adjacent parts of the groove walls and the threaded section have - from the threaded section to the groove wall The inclined side adjoins the inclined surface, and the groove bottom and the adjoining part of the thread segment also have the inclined bottom converging toward the groove bottom adjoining the inclined surface.

The function and use of stop screw

The positioning pin of the stop screw has the same function. It is generally used to connect two parts to fix it, and this kind of screw can be screwed in as a whole, which makes the appearance smooth and more beautiful. When using a stop screw, first screw the screw into the internal threaded hole of the part to be fixed, and then press the end of the screw on the surface of the other part (or the corresponding pit on the surface), even if the two parts are The relative position is fixed. The usage scenarios of the flat end, the concave end and the tapered end are different, and the corresponding uses are also different. Slotted, Torx and hexagon socket head set screws are not suitable for situations where exposed screws are allowed, while square head set screws without grooves are suitable for situations where exposed screw heads are allowed.

Purpose of stop screw

Stop screws are often used in mining, metallurgy, textile, various precision machinery, precision instruments, instruments, electronic products, communication products, locks, toys and other industries! It is preferably suitable for occasions requiring simple equipment and parts, easy to install, with The double-structured sealing device can work in harsh environments. Various structural forms, good versatility and interchangeability.

The stop screw should also be customized according to different application scenarios, which basically cannot meet the requirements in the usual hardware store. It has a hexagon at one end and several standards at the other end. Such as DIN916.DIN915.DIN914.DIN913. The specification of the stop screw is from M1.6-M12, and the length is from 4MM-50MM. Specifically divided into hexagon socket set screws, hexagon socket flat end set screws, hexagon socket column set screws, hexagon socket cone end set screws.