Types of Light Duty Anchors


The Nylon Anchor is a light duty anchor that can be use […]

The Nylon Anchor is a light duty anchor that can be used in a variety of substrates.This anchor is available in a number of different sizes. These include a Jr. anchor and a frame anchor. However, this anchor is not recommended for overhead applications.

To choose a drywall anchor, it is important to know the weight limit. This is usually around half of the anchor's weight capacity. For example, a light duty drywall anchor may hold up to 150 pounds, while a heavy duty drywall anchor may hold up to 250 pounds. If you plan to hang a full sized mirror or a TV, the drywall anchor must have a weight limit that matches the weight of the item.

Another type of anchor is a toggle bolt. This anchor is similar to a lag screw. Toggle anchors require the insertion of a nut and the maintenance of a tension on the nut. Tightening the nut expands the anchor. Some of these anchors also require a pilot hole to be drilled before installation.

Other types of anchors include internal threaded anchors, cap screws, and threaded rods. Internally Threaded Anchors are typically used with machine screws or cap screws. They can be permanent or removable. Also, some are designed for a specific type of material. They are available in a wide variety of sizes and weight ratings.

Light Duty Hollow Wall Anchors: The hollow wall anchor is an excellent choice for mounting fixtures to a hollow wall. Hollow wall anchors are designed to be a bit stronger than nails and screws. When tightened, the screw or spring actuated tabs pierce the wall. In addition to being stronger, hollow wall anchors can be easily replaced.

Light Duty Ribbed Plastic Anchors: Ribbed plastic anchors are designed for lightweight anchoring. Used for concrete, brick, and sheet metal screws, these anchors are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Designed for use with a wide variety of materials, these anchors are tamper resistant and removable.

Red Head Multi-Set Drop-In Anchors: Designed for use with threaded fasteners, these anchors are made for a variety of mounting applications. They can be used in solid concrete, mortar joints, and brick. These anchors feature a rotation and impact setting.

These rivets are designed for permanent mounting in masonry. Masonry pin grip drive rivets do not require special tools for installation. Their prongs expand inside masonry to fasten into a brick or block.