Rivets of various kinds of names


1. The fan rivet is specially designed for manual insta […]

1. The fan rivet is specially designed for manual installation. It can be pulled through the hole of the panel or the bottom frame. It is made of elastic material and has good toughness. The design is ingenious and has the elastic function and the corresponding aperture is not easy to slide out after being pulled in. The fan rivet is mainly used for fixing the fan of the electronic computer case, the heat sink and the chip, and has anti-vibration and noise reduction.
2. The core rivet is a new type of riveted fastener that is very convenient for riveting. The core rivet can show its unique advantages in a relatively small space or in the environment without a rivet gun or a rivet gun. Two or more connected pieces can be riveted successfully by tapping the mandrel with a single object such as a hammer. The core rivets can be divided into flat round core rivets and countersunk core rivets according to the shape of the nut caps.
3, the type of rivet can be roughly divided into open type, closed type, double drum type, single drum type series.
4. Countersunk type blind rivets: Riveting of riveted parts that require smooth and beautiful surface after riveting.
5. Double drum blind rivet: When riveting, the nail core pulls the end of the rivet nail body into a double drum shape, clamping the two structural components to be riveted, and reducing the pressure acting on the surface of the structural member. It is mainly used for riveting various thin structural parts in the vehicles, ships, construction, machinery, electronics and other industries.
6. Brim rivet: The rivet has a significantly larger diameter than the ordinary rivet. The rivet has a larger contact area when riveted with the connecting piece, and has a stronger supporting surface to enhance Torque strength, able to withstand higher radial pull. Applicable industry: It is suitable for fastening soft and fragile surface materials and extra large holes, which increases the brim diameter and has special protection for soft materials.
7. Closed blind rivet: Designed to wrap the mandrel head after riveting, it is ideal for multi-faceted applications with waterproof requirements. With high shear, anti-vibration and high pressure resistance.