Types of Masonry Concrete Screw Anchors


The Split Drive Anchor is a male style masonry screw an […]

The Split Drive Anchor is a male style masonry screw anchor, and is designed for use in concrete. They are available in sizes from 1/4" to 4". These anchors are only available in carbon steel and zinc-plated finishes, and they are available with either a round head or flat countersunk head. There are three common types of anchors. Each one is described below, with a brief description of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

The sleeve anchor is a male masonry expansion anchor. It is used for concrete, brick, or block base materials. This type of anchor is the most versatile masonry fastener, with a variety of diameters and lengths. It can be made of 304 stainless steel or zinc plated carbon steel. It can be drilled into concrete or brick to secure it to the surface. It is available in three head styles: threaded, wedge, and flat.

Hammer Drive Anchor: A male type expansion anchor, these fasteners are designed to be used in solid materials only. They expand by pin hammering and include a nut and washer to secure fixtures. Available in a variety of lengths from 1-3/4" to 6" and three different diameters, hammer drive anchors come in two sizes. The mushroom head version of a hammer drive anchor is tamper-proof and is also available in stainless steel and hot-dipped galvanized steel.

Choose a type of masonry concrete screw that suits your needs. You may need a hex head or a flat head. Stainless steel concrete screws are a great choice for interior applications. They are designed to withstand high temperatures and are corrosion-resistant. Titen HD Anchors are the best choice for interior applications, and combine the strength and corrosion-resistance of Type 300 stainless steel with the undercutting abilities of heat-treated carbon steel threads.

The masonry screw and concrete screw anchor are the ideal choice for many applications. These anchors offer safety, quick, and efficient fastening. Whether you're fastening junction boxes, signs, or stud tracks, the masonry screw and concrete screw anchor will give you the secure, reliable hold and wedging action that you need. With these tools, you won't have to worry about breaking the wall.

Crete-Flex masonry screws feature advanced threadform technology to cut through a variety of masonry materials. Their minimum embedment depth is one inch plus the thickness of the material being fastened, while their maximum embedment depth is three and a half inches. You can install Crete-Flex anchors with a hammer drill and a carbide-tipped masonry bit. To install Crete-Flex anchors, you will need a hole 7/16" diameter.